About Us

The Women in ITI club at Rutgers University aims to create an inclusive environment for all female and non-binary students pursuing a technology-related field of study. Our club is mainly comprised of information technology and informatics, computer science, and business analytics and information technology students, but we offer resources that are helpful toward all STEM fields such as mathematics, statistics, and electrical and computer engineering. We hope to offer beneficial opportunities and resources that will help make an impact on bringing more women and non-binary people into the technology industry.

Our Goals


Educate students and enforce contributions on the topic of women in technology through events, panels, and discussions.


Provide connections, resources and opportunities to students in the field of technology.


Encourage students of all backgrounds to take part in networking, leadership, and internship opportunities.


Identify and eliminate misconceptions of women in the technology sector.


Provide professional growth through networking opportunities in a professional manner.


Inspire, support, and empower women in the field of technology.