Alternative to Internships

Learn about ways to make the most out of Summer 2020 through professional and personal growth.


Learn about important cybersecurity concepts, skills, and ways to get involved in the field.


Learn about how to use Adobe Photoshop and the resources that are available to learn more.


Learn about the basics of the Python programming language.


Learn about UI/UX concepts and how to use the design and prototyping tool Figma.

Career Fair and Resume Advice

Learn about how to stand out at a career fair, impress recruiters, and advance your professional career.

Research in Tech

Learn about research opportunities at Rutgers and beyond, how to reach out to advisors/mentors, and succeed in tech based research.


Learn about how to navigate Tableau and create interactive data visualizations.

Navigating ITI, CS, and BAIT

Learn about the ITI, CS, and BAIT majors and receive advice and resources to help you with your career.


Learn about the basics of how to use HTML to create a website.

Personal Branding

Learn about how to build your brand and market yourself to employers and hear from a Johnson and Johnson brand manager.